Statement of Purpose

Antioch Center For Theological Studies  develops men and women called by God to help bring all peoples of India and beyond to Jesus Christ. Antioch Center For Theological Studies  teaches students to think clearly about the whole counsel of God and to effectively plant, pastor, and lead churches in all parts of India and beyond. Antioch Center For Theological Studies is a caring family of mentors and students who grow together in ministry skills and their walk with God.


Train Christ’s People to Fulfill His Great Command and Commisson.


Proclaim Christ and Build His church in all of India

Core Values

  • Bible
  • the living Word of God, authoritative and sufficient for all of life

  • Worship
  • of Triune God alone in spirit and truth

  • Prayer
  • both speaking with God and hearing from God>

  • Faith
  • living by faith, “attempting great things for God and expecting great things from God”

  • Life of the Body
  • fellowship, teamwork and exercise of spiritual gifts

  • Resurrection Living
  • transformation, continual renewal, godly creativity, innovation and excellence

  • Grace
  • love of neighbors near and far, shown in generosity, sensitivity, compassion, servanthood

  • Righteousness
  • spiritual, moral and academic integrity, personal and family stability, mutual accountability and simplicity