Tuition & Fees

Attending graduate school is an investment in your future and your faith. This page will help you see more concretely what it costs to pursue a degree at ACTS, as well as the kinds of support available to you to potentially offset that cost. Below you’ll find average tuition for each of our programs, and several questions and answers about your financial aid options with links to more information.

How much do our programs cost?

Antioch Centre For Theological Studies is fully committed to keeping the cost of a theological education as low as possible. Listed below is the current tuition  fee for the 2020- 2021 Academic year.

Tuition fees  for each program is shown below. Additional fees will apply depending on the Duration of study and courses taken (books, supplies, Accomidation etc…, ). The tuition fee is the same for both online and on-campus study. Please visit our catalog for a comprehensive list of fees.

Program Fee And Tuition Fee

Acts Students need to enroll for concern courses along with required certificates and fee payments given below:

  • Admission fee for C.Th and Dip.Th  = 1500/-
  • Tuition fee per Semester                     = 4000/-
  • Admission fee for B.Th                        =      2000/-
  • Tuition fee for Semester – B.Th          =     4500/-
  • Admission fee for M.Div                      =     2500/-
  • Tuition For M.Div Per Semester        =     8000/-
  • Study Xerox Material                           =     500/-
  • Study Xerox Material(Master)           =    1000/-
  • Students files                                         =    200/-
  • Transcript for each subject(Lesson) =   100/-
  • Graduation fee in the end of study   =   1200/-


25% Tuition Discount is available to members of CRCI/Christ Gospel Church Ministries