ACTS Seminary assesses modest fees to process student applications and to evaluate student’s work in ACTS Seminary courses. The  content of our curriculum will always be available free of charge at Please contact student services for inquiries regarding cost reductions based on country of residence.
[advisor_price_plan price_col_one_content_color=”#000000″ price_col_two_content_color=”#000000″ price_col_three_content_color=”#000000″ heading=”Tution and Programme Fees” text=”Acts Seminary” price_col_one_heading=”C.Th Course” price_col_one_text=”Courses Listed Below” price_col_one_currency=”₹” price_col_one_price=”10000″ price_col_one_line_1=”Admission fee for C.Th = 1500″ price_col_one_line_2=”Tuition fee per Semester(2) = 4000X2=8000″ price_col_one_line_3=”Study Xerox Material = 500/-” price_col_one_line_4=”Students files = 200/- Transcript for each subject(Lesson) = 100/- Graduation fee in the end of study = 1200/-” price_col_one_btn_text=”Apply Now!” price_col_one_btn_link=””]