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All of us are aware of the serious concern around the outbreak of COVID-19 virus. In accordance with the advisory issued by the central and state governments, we regret to inform you that the Classes Starts From this November. We sincerely regret the inconvenience caused.” image_id=”1227″ button1_text=”Learn More” button1_link=”https://www.actseminary.org/why-acts/” button2_text=”APPLY NOW” button2_link=”https://www.actseminary.org/apply/”][services_grid text_color=”#000000″ animate=”fadeInDown” heading=”About us” text=”Antioch Centre For Theological Studies is a premier theological institution of the Christ Gospel Ministries in Southern Asia. We are situated in the city of Viskhaptnam, India. Established in 2009, we have been part of the development of more than 7500 men and women who are serving the Lord in various leadership roles in different parts of South Asia and around the world.”][services_item item_text_color=”#000000″ text_align=”center” item_image=”1229″ item_heading=”Asia Theological Association” item_text=”ACTS has been a founding member of the Asia Theological Association and serves an active role in ATA-India. All our programmes are accredited by the ATA.” url=”https://www.actseminary.org/why-acts/”][/services_item][services_item item_text_color=”#000000″ item_animation=”fadeInUp” item_image=”1233″ item_heading=”Council of Reformed Churches of India” item_text=”The CRCI is a national representative voice; articulating Biblical values, training partnering members, addressing Issues.” url=”https://www.actseminary.org/why-acts/”]

Our Accrediation

[/services_item][services_item item_text_color=”#000000″ item_image=”1285″ item_heading=”Thirdmill Seminary” item_text=”ACTS is an Official Partners of Thirdmill Seminary, All our Connection with IIIM are Accredited in the most of the America Bible University” url=”https://www.actseminary.org/why-acts/”][/services_item][/services_grid]
[services_slogan text_color=”#ffffff” heading=”We Teach Word of God” text=”Jesus said, the words I speak to you are life (John 6:63).” bg_image=”1237″][fun_facts_counter counter_text=”Students,Location,% Satisfaction,Happy Customers” end_points=”7500,10,100,7500″ end_points_color=”#09a223″ text_align=”center” overlap_top=”1″ heading=”Our Developments” text=”7500 men and women who are serving the Lord in various leadership roles in different parts of South Asia and around the world.”]
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